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Illinois hosts its own Redhead Days Festival in Highwood, and people can go to The Redhead Piano Bar in Chicago. The state gave rise to comedians Redd Foxx and Kathy Griffin, and it has the third most businesses per capita with “redhead” of their names. The Garden State has the third fewest folks expressing interest in pro-redhead pages on Facebook. The Granite State likes gingers a lot they elected one—Maggie Hassan—as their governor .

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5D’s does this with Yusei Fudo, „The Hero”, and Aki Izayoi the psychic/ powered pink head. Not that there was a lot competitors aside from Sherry LeBlanc, the blonde rival to Aki on this sense.

The protagonist Mark isn’t attracted to red headed bombshell Atom Eve, whereas she quickly turns into taken with him. Played straight later as Mark breaks up with his blonde First Love and dates Eve whom he ultimately marries and has a daughter with. In Krypton No More, Terri Cross -a pink-haired co-employee of Lois and Clark- flirts with Clark. He likes her, however he believes a romance cannot work. In the Static comics, Frieda Goren is Virgil’s past love interest.

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During the sixth season, as most of the characters are imagining what Season Seven would be like, Jeff imagines that the brand new group is a bunch of engaging purple-headed ladies. This can be a case of Author Appeal, as Dan Harmon has acknowledged that he is attracted by purple-heads.

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Colonel 'Lizard' Tirelli, the protagonist’s love interest — could also be one of a number of deliberate Robert A. Heinlein references in this sci-fi collection. Why restrict the „red issues rising out of the woman’s head” to hair? The Scarlet Pimpernel, broadly thought-about to be the primary Super Hero, was married to the pink-headed Marguerite. Even although she’s clearly in love with him, he does not seem to show rather more than a platonic attachment to her. Dave from John Dies on the End finally ends up with a girl with copper-coloured hair. Iris has scarlet hair, and she’s Jani’s girlfriend. Then there’s Aristomache, ruby-headed wife of Cenric.

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Yusei principally confirms this trope in the ultimate episode of the sequence. Played with in The Rising of the Shield Hero, where The Hero Naofumi is paired up with the darkish crimson headed Malty Melromarc, who seemingly becomes his companion out of fine will. It modified very quickly passion com scam the subsequent day when Naofumi discovered her true colours in essentially the most horrendous way possible. Inverted in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, where Evil Redhead Kyoko Sakura is implied to have a one-sided crush on blue-haired heroine Sayaka Miki, who’s straight.

She’s additionally caught the eye of Hotstreak – so much in order that he actually goes out of his method to capture her – and she has a boyfriend named Larry Wade, who’s one of Virgil’s associates. In the first episode, she lists off what number of boys have requested her to the dance as Virgil is attempting to ask her out. King Mob of The Invisibles leads to a relationship with the pink-haired Ragged Robin.

A good deal of Unresolved Sexual Tension and out-and-out flirting existed between Linka and the purple-haired Wheeler on Captain Planet and the Planeteers, though this is a gender inversion. In the Whateley Universe, Stalwart is scorching for pink-headed Fey, but so is a lot of the campus. Averted in the circumstances of Lancer and Phase, who both pursue brunettes.

In the webtoon „Geraldine”, after the red-haired male protagonist one way or the other transforms right into a female, guys turn into drawn to him (or „her”). Princess Voluptua in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!. Agent York from the Project Freelancer days had a major crush on the red-headed Carolina, though he by no means received an opportunity to behave on his emotions earlier than her disappearance. It is determined by your video card and your Player Character, however Carth Onasi from Knights of the Old Republic seems to be auburn-haired underneath excessive-finish graphics cards. Oddly enough, none of the Player Character choices are gingers. For a traditional feminine model, look no additional than White Magician Girl/Magic Knight Priscilla, who has three official love interests and arguably has chemistry with two different guys. In Dolly Parton’s „Jolene”, the eponymous temptress is described as a incomparable magnificence, with „flamin' locks of auburn hair”, who has bewitched the hapless speaker’s husband.

Renn, the feminine lead of The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, is purple-haired. In Zootopia, police officer Judy Hopps forms an in depth bond and shares lots of chemistry with her partner, the red-haired fox Nick Wilde. Whether they may turn into a pair is left open. Even although he wasn’t involved at first, Shrek gets to fall in love with Fiery Redhead Princess Fiona as soon as they get to know extra about one another in Shrek. On a canine level, the red-furred Husky Jenna and the wolf-canine Balto fall for one another. Real red Huskies are extra of a brownish colour; however, Jenna’s deep purple color higher invokes this trope.

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Bolin plays her Love Interest Nuktuk and turns into drawn to out of character, Ginger doesn’t return his affection at first but warms up to Bolin and even gives him a Big Damn Kiss at one point. Though he’s not the hero (he matches as a form-of Lancer), Alan in Josie and the Pussycats would somewhat have the purple-haired Josie than the raven-haired Alexandra. The brief lived Fish Police features a fish-themed variant, with Gill’s primary Love Interest being the diner waitress Pearl, who has red scales and fins.

Of course, over the time Kyoko seems to be not so evil after all and Sayaka drifts into Ambiguously Bi territory, so in Rebellion this trope seems to be played straight. Asuka Langley Soryu, of Neon Genesis Evangelion, has a really interesting Everyone Can See It Belligerent Sexual Tension relationship with Shinji Ikari. However the very finish of End of Evangelion implies that they’ve reached some type of understanding in any case. It ought to be famous that both girls had been originally dark-haired brunettes in the manga. The main Official Couple in Brain Powerd is Yuu and the purple-haired Hime. has practical, darkish rust-coloured hair, and even though she’s an Artificial Human, Firo has sufficient of a factor for her to wait fifty years to marry her.