Offer - Apple

As a country, we are the largest producer of apples in Europe and 3 in the world behind China and the United States. "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away" - is an English proverb saying that one apple a day means that we do not need to use the help of a doctor, perfectly reflects the properties of this fruit. Apples are a source of many vitamins and minerals, and the flavonoids contained in the skin effectively reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. In addition, apples are an excellent source of fiber, reduce cholesterol, which also helps prevent heart attacks and atherosclerosis.
Our farm produces popular varieties that are gaining recognition around the world. The big three - Gala, Red Delicious and Red Jonaprince meet the requirements of the most demanding customers of Western Europe, and are also produced for deep- sea transport, during which the fruit withstands over 30 days during travel.